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Mark Stevens

Teaching Experience

Park College, Cherry Point, NC: 1994-Present

Criminal Law, Criminal Justice Management and Planning, Agency and Administration, Macroeconomics, Microeconomic, Business Law, Parole and Probation

Carteret Community College, Morehead City, NC: 1989-Present

Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, Torts, Contracts, Real Property, Business Law, U.S. Government, Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET)

Coastal Carolina Community College, Jacksonville NC: 1992-1994

Corrections, Criminology, Criminal Law

Muir Technical Institute, San Marcos CA: 1988-1989

Paralegal Technology to Include: Criminal Law, Torts, Criminal Procedure, Contracts, Constitutional Law, Real Property, Business Law

Southwest Texas College, Okinawa Japan: 1986-1987

Criminal Law, Criminology

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